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Prairie Dog Resolution for the City Of Lubbock, TX  


          WHEREAS, on November 3, 1999 the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department signed onto a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with eight other state wildlife agencies within the historic range of the black-tailed prairie dog in order “to provide guidance for conservation and management of the black-tailed prairie dog (Cynomys ludovicianus) and the short to mid-grass habitats upon which the species depends.”

            WHEREAS, the primary purpose of the MOU was to implement the Black-tailed Prairie Dog Conservation Assessment and Strategy dated November 3, 1999.

            WHEREAS, pursuant to the terms of the Conservation Assessment and Strategy, the state of Texas agreed to establish a state working group, and it is that working group that is convened today and considers this Resolution.

            WHEREAS, a recent controversy has arisen in the City of Lubbock, involving the Lubbock Land Application Site (“LLAS”), which is regulated by the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission (“TNRCC”).  Without scientific documentation, the City and TNRCC have claimed that there has been “explosive growth of the prairie dog population” at the LLAS and that the presence of prairie dogs has either caused or contributed to an increase in nitrates and/or other soil and groundwater contamination at the LLAS.

            WHEREAS, based on the foregoing claims of the City and TNRCC, TNRCC issued a Notice of Violation to the City on June 3, 2002.  The City submitted a plan to TNRCC on August 20, 2002, whereby it proposes to remove all prairie dogs from the LLAS, through either relocation or lethal control. 

         WHEREAS, the LLAS is a publicly owned parcel of approximately 2,500 acres.

Based on the foregoing recitals, the Black-tailed Prairie Dog Working Group of the State of Texas adopts the following resolution.

1.                  The Working Group resolves to recommend to the City and TNRCC that they refrain from taking any action to remove or eradicate the Black-tailed Prairie Dogs from the LLAS unless and until they have developed sound scientific evidence that the prairie dogs are responsible for any increases in nitrate levels or other pollution at the LLAS.

DATED this ____ day of August, 2002.




Duly adopted by the Working Group at its meeting held in Lubbock, Texas on August 29, 2002.

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