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John Young TNRCC Interoffice Memo

John Young memo

Above is a photo copy of a memo. The text of the memo is detailed below. Here is an image of the original memo which is readable. The gif image of the memo is 16kb.

Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission
Interoffice Memorandum
To: Regional Managers, Program
Managers, all Investigators
Date: Sept. 11, 1995
From: John Young, Acting Division Director
Field Operations Division
Subject:  Inspection Notification
Effective the date of this IOM it will be policy to Field Operations Division to provide notification to facilities of our intent to conduct a compliance inspection prior to all routine inspections. Ideally, this notification should occur one to two weeks prior to the inspection date. Notice to the facility and scheduling does not have to be in writing; a documented telephone conversation with a responsible company/city official is a sufficient.

This policy does not apply to complaint and other investigations where we have cause to believe laws and regulations are being violated or ignored. If a routine inspection report is prepared as part of a complaint investigation, the report should clearly state that the inspection was conducted as part of a complaint investigation.

c.c. Joe Vogel

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