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Geoffrey Conner, TNRCC General Counsel, Denies Bill Addington's Request for Extension of Briefing

Geoffrey Conner Letter

Above is a photo copy of Geoffrey Conner, TNRCC General Counsel, motion to deny Bill Addington's Request for Extension of Briefing, dated August 15, 1997. The text of the letter is detailed below.

Here is an scanned image of the original letter which is readable. The gif image of the memo is 16kb.

(TNRCC Letterhead)

August 15, 1997

To: Persons on the attached Mailing List

RE: Motions of Reconsideration filed concerning the issuance of the Executive director of Registration No. 710565 to MERCO Joint Venture; TNRCC Docket No. 97-0647-SLG

This letter serves to notify all parties that Mr. Addington's Request for an Extension of Briefing Deadline is denied. Parties were notified of the deadline for briefs by letter of July 24, 1997. The agenda of the August 28, 1997 is the last opportunity for Commission consideration of this matter before jurisdiction is lost. If this matter is set for Commission consideration, the posting will be due August 20, and, therefore, the deadline of August 15 must be maintained to have meaningful opportunity to review the filings.

Very truly yours,

Geoffrey S. Connor
General Counsel

cc: Mailing List

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